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Back a few years ago this seller unfairly got the boot from eBay. Since eBay had their Internet Radio starring Uncle Griff, Chuck Fitch stated his show called eBay Critic Radio.

After getting suspended from eBay he started marketing Amazon associates niche websites on YouTube. He donned a Guy Fawkes mask and digitally altered his voice. Still sore after getting the boot from eBay he stated bashing eBay and PayPal.

eBay Critic Radio Show Podcast Archive

eBayisaJoke wears this Guy Fawkes Mask in YouTube videos protesting eBay and PayPal unfair policies. A smear campaign soon followed to silence him.

When eBay realized what he was doing, then CEO John Donahoe had a cow and is alleged to have ordered a smear campaign to run him off YouTube.

But when eBay trolls had his YouTube channel suspended eBayisaJoke just set up another and another. It was a war eBay would not win!

This smear campaign became a full fledged YouTube Troll War. Videos and channels were deleted at an incredibly fast pace. It’s rumored eBay Talk director Hubcap Joe enlisted Lithium Technologies forum moderators (super-fans) to police YouTube and flag videos.

It was a Feud the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s would be Jealous of! πŸ˜†

When that didn’t work Hubcap Joe enlisted Rob Wolchek of WJBK Fox-2 Detroit. Wolchek an investigative reporter launched his report on Fox news. This is eBay Inc attacking their competition at any cost. Remember eBayisaJoke was selling Amazon and Associates niche websites on YouTube at the time. As much as eBay hates Amazon John Donahoe couldn’t allow that! Over 6 years later the feud between eBayisaJoke and Hubcap Joe is still going.

His idea of eBay Critic Radio failed to attract disgruntled eBay sellers or other guests. And when eBay Hubcap Joe found out about eBay Critic Radio he and his pals blacklisted the show on YouTube. And naturally anyone still selling on eBay would be committing account suicide (NARU) appearing on this show.

In total eBay Critic Radio produced 20 weekly episodes. He is planning on bringing ecr back with all the seller screwing and glitches going on these days.

eBayisajoke is so relentless, nothing will ever stop him from exposing the real truth, truth about eBay and their management using YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, to Recruit new users, new fans, new trolls, and new hit men for critic hunting.

Its alleged that eBayisaJoke and Doc are within the top 5 eBay naysayers that have been more outspoken in the past 6 years than anyone else.

Where are the critics? Are people afraid to speak up? Comment below to voice your opinion about eBay and PayPal. Nobody can keep a good critic down! πŸ˜‰

eBayisaJoke can be contacted on his blog at SellerCritic.com.





















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