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Doc was the 1st Tampa Bay area used car dealer to sell automobiles online. He shares his experiences and observations doing business with eBay Inc since 1999

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He founded fraud awareness website ebaymotorssucks.com back in 2004 when scammers were literally picking eBay car buyers to the bone. Over the years ebms website has saved countless consumers from losing their money. 😉

The ebms blog and video site has been mirrored to this domain because of the constant troll attacks that started around 2013. Basically I wanted no part of it and removed the smear campaign articles and videos from ebms.

I thought the “ebay guy” would leave me alone since he and his subcontractors articles were removed, but no such luck the personal attacks continued including death threats. I’ve owned suspendedfromebay.com for several years but were not using it.

So the solution was to restore an ebms backup with all the troll attacks and other removed dirty laundry to suspendedfromebay.com. Here’s a tidbit about ebaymotorssucks.com and my fight to get my word out in cyberspace that has been met with strong resistance over the years! 🙁

Since those early days Doc’s website has been attacked with DdoS, MySQL injection, and Brute Force attacks. His SSL certificate has been revoked twice by false flagging.

When hacking failed to stop Doc from alerting consumers about car scams. A smear campaign was launched to embarrass him and trash his stellar eBay feedback. Doc worked hard to build his trustworthy reputation, but the house literally screwed itself into the ground, killing the founders community values and trust!

He believes eBay Inc has spent millions over the years attempting to shoot the messenger who refused to go away. But through it all Doc has become a hobbyist master webmaster. And is still online today despite efforts to silence him. 🙁

Meanwhile life goes on.. There are still car scams on eBay Motors, and Craigslist fraudsters saying eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection holds the money. And a multitude of other scams even in print publications. App fraud like Let-Go etc.

It’s imperative Vehicle Buyers verify the listing is real. Verify private sellers have clear title and it’s in the sellers name to avoid being the victim of curbstoners.

Selling your car? Beware of buyers offering to pay with PayPal who could file a ChargeBack if their purchase was funded by a credit card!

Example Car Scam

Read Doc’s used car buying and selling internet guide before shopping online for a used car. The best auto buyers guide on the internet! 😎

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