Is eBay Inc San Jose Campus The Next Shooters Target?

As YouTube frantically erases all of Nasim Aghdam’s digital traces and deals with their nightmare over a pissed off creator, we wonder if eBay Inc will be next to be shot up? eBay has been hosing it’s members for years and laughing all the way to the bank!

Many have said over the years someone was going to shoot-up eBay’s San Jose Campus. eBay makes the bulk of their profit by charging sellers fees. At one time eBay was the worlds largest online flea-market. Their previous CEO John Donahoe didn’t like the flea-market image, and set out to disrupt this excellent business model.

Donahoe decided to compete with Amazon and totally loused his marketplace up. 🙄

eBay Inc Destructive Innovation Drawing

Former eBay CEO John Donahoe drawing of his disruptive innovation plans.

Donahoes destructive innovation didn’t work out as planned. At one of their previous eBay Live conferences, eBay radio host and seller advocate Uncle Griff said. If we don’t have buyers we will be out of business.

In this video recorded on 06/19/08 at eBay Live 2008. Man screams at an eBay employee during a live talk session. eBay sellers were upset over another feedback policy change that put many sellers out of business overnight. They changed feedback to be a lifetime score vrs previous annual calculation. This added up any negatives acquired over the years instantly suspending many good sellers.

At that time eBay was still top heavy with sellers. Donahoe decided to change his venues once hugely successful feedback program again! They modified their feedback policy so only buyers could leave sellers negative feedback. If a seller encountered a bad buyer he couldn’t leave that bad buyer neg feedback. If that wasn’t bad enough, eBay then purged 20,000 good sellers to thin the heard so to speak.

From there started an avalanche of conniving bad buyers. Buyers could scam sellers with no repercussion. eBay started their seller guarantee program and soon buyers were getting free merchandise.

eBook The Big eBay Con

Buy eBay and get your money back!

The dishonest buyer could get a hand from an enterprising Amazon seller who published The Great Big EBay Con ebook. Fraud, blackmail, aggressive traders and deliberate attempts to con traders out of products and money seems to be the order of the day. This book will show you that if you can suspend your moral values for just a few days you can make a fortune on eBay!

When a bad buyer purchased an item they could get their money back and keep the item. The seller was out his money and item. Jewelry electronics and other expensive items are a favorite for scamming buyers. The way this hustle works is. If the seller does not use electronic tracking. Or signature conformation on items over $300 and claims the item never arrived eBay has PayPal refund their money.

When tracking and signature conformation is used, bad buyers often claim the item was damaged. eBay instructs the buyer to return the item to seller with tracking. When the tracking is received indicating the item is in route to seller PayPal is instructed to return the buyers money. Seller gets his item back but what’s in the package is NOT what he sent to buyer. Buyer sent some old junk of similar weight to seller.

Chances are the conniving buyer will buy something else from another seller and repeat the above process. Seller can’t warn other sellers by leaving his bad buyer negative feedback. And the abuse cycle goes on. This seller lost a new iPhone X. eBay laughs all the way to the bank with the fees they charged their defrauded seller.

If this eBay Inc free merchandise con was not enough. Soon eBay’s PayPal division stated holding sellers money. Even sellers who had a long standing excellent selling track-record were having their funds held by PayPal. The sites forum lit up bright red with angry sellers.

This parody video depicts how the PayPal seller hold policy worked. 🙄

Censorship runs deep in Silicone Valley. Google is a huge monopoly in the search engine business. They team up with other Big Tech companies and hide their dirty laundry. The old saying ‘if you can’t find it on Google it does not exist’ is false.

Bots crawl the net looking for keywords and keyphrases that mysteriously just disappear in Googles Index. If you can’t find it with Google search try Bing! eBay Inc is partnering with Google / YouTube running reputation management smear campaigns on former sellers. This guy is determined to get even with his attacker!

YouTube Smear Campaign. Reputation management trolls use reset Android smartphones to create new YouTube acts. Those acts are loaded with a hand-full of cyberstalking / cyberbullying videos. Then the phone is reset and another new act is created, repeating the process. The victim of the attack can flag those videos / channels until the cows come home and YouTube will not remove them. FidoSysop is one of those YouTube Bullying victims and Google could care less!

YouTube Nasty Old Florida Man Channel

An example of an eBay Inc connected YouTube cyberstalking channel about Doc that Google will not remove.

From another bullied YouTube Creator and former eBay Inc seller: Hateful and abusive content about my workplace. Telling people to file police reports on me. Asking others to call the FBI. The producer of this content is YouTube partner Crazeenydriver his main channel should be terminated for creator abuse. This content violates YouTube community guidelines for harassment and bullying.

YouTube Cyberbullying Channel Romulus Michigan Breaking News

Who’s next to shoot up eBay San Jose Campus? With their bad business practices anything’s possible.

This is just how eBay Inc does business. They not only defraud their buyers and sellers, they run smear campaigns on outspoken former sellers like Doc and Charles Fitch.

Doc in no way condones gun violence, or violence of any kind. But he supports the message censored or defrauded members are trying to get out in the public domain.

Oh well.. As usual.. Just my two cents worth! 😎

Outspoken former eBay Motors PowerSeller shares his experiences before and after being suspended (naru) by eBay. My stellar eBay sellers feedback was smeared by suspected corporate trolls accusing me of rolling back odometers and selling stolen cars. I'm fighting to clear my good name and will not stop until justice is served!

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